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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sundance Spa Super Sale

Klapprodt Pools is having a huge State Fair of Texas inventory reduction sale... all floor models must go!

Dover 780$8,190$6,299$5,399
Optima 880$13,680$10,499$9,499
Maxxus 880$18,500$13,899$12,499
Burlington 680$8,400$6,699$5,999
Certa 780$9,370$7,899$6,999
Majesta 880$12,510$9,499$8,599
Hamilton 780$11,740$8,999$7,999

Price includes: cover, cover assist, start-up chemicals, steps, and standard delivery

24 month no interest plan available on select models - minimum monthly payments required - see store for details

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to Clean Your Chlorine Generating Salt Cell

Step 1: Deactivate the pool pump to stop water flow.

Step 2: Loosen the unions on each end of the cell, they should only be hand tight. If the unions are too tight, a strap wrench may be useful as it gives a better grip yet won’t damage the cell housing or unions.

Step 3: Once the cell is removed from the plumbing, look down the center at the series of plates to see if there is a white chalky build up (calcium deposits). If present, you can either use anything NON METALLIC – wood or plastic is the safest as it should be soft enough to avoid scratching the plates, yet strong enough to break up minor deposits. If the cell needs more cleaning then just scraping, submerge the entire PVC portion of the cell into 3 parts water and 1 part muriatic acid. This will begin to fizz, leave the cell in this solution until the fizzing subsides, usually 5-15 minutes depending on how calcified the cell may be. Although the cord can be submerged, be sure that the connector does not come in contact with the solution. Once done, rinse the cell off with a garden hose. WARNING: It is strongly advised that anyone cleaning the cell in this manner use protective clothing and proper eye protection when working with acid – also, always add acid to water, not water to acid!!!

Step 4: Reinstall the cell into the plumbing by threading the unions back onto the cell, be sure to make these connections only hand tight, just tight enough to allow the o-rings to seal tight enough to prevent leaking.

Step 5: Reactivate system and check salt content, call Klapprodt Pools at 817-431-1847 if problems persist.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keller's Best of the Best Pool Company

Klapprodt Pools has been voted Keller's 2010 Best of the Best Swimming Pool Company by the readers of the Keller Citizen.  Thank you to all of our valued customers for voting us Best of the Best 2 years in a row!

Friday, August 27, 2010

End of Summer Sale

Klapprodt Pools is having a huge end of summer sale on Sundance Spas, toys and chemicals! Receive a $500 Apple gift card with the purchase of an 880 series spa plus $1500 in free accessories on select models.  12 month deferred interest plans are also available.  Sundance Spa specials valid through September 15, 2010.  All games, toys, and floats are 20% off and all chemicals are 10% off through the end of September 2010.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fort Worth Home & Garden Market

Klapprodt Pools will be at the 20th Annual Fort Worth Home & Garden Market this weekend!  We have 5 Sundance Spa models on display including the Optima, Chelsea, Hartford, Dover, and Marin.  Specials include a $500 Apple Store gift card with the purchase of an 880 series spa and $1500 in free accessories with purchase of select spa models.  12 month deferred interest plans also available!

20th Annual Fort Worth Home & Garden Market

Fort Worth Convention Center
1201 Houston Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Saturday: 10am - 8pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm

Come see us!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hayward Aqua Connect

Manage your pool from anywhere with your phone, computer, or any other web-enabled device!

Have you ever wished you could use your phone to turn on your hot tub so it would be ready for you when you got home from work? Have you ever wished you could monitor your pool while at the office or away on vacation? Have you ever wished your system could alert you via email or text message when there is a problem and give you the ability to grant your pool company online access to trouble shoot issues instantly from the office? You can now do all this and more... manage your entire pool by internet, home network, or existing home automation system with Hayward Aqua Connect!

Hayward has officially announced the initial release of Aqua Connect, the remote pool management system, and is being offered to the Dallas / Fort Worth area through Klapprodt Pools. There are limited quantities available with this initial release, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible to reserve your remote management system! Send all questions and order requests to Please use "Aqua Connect" for the subject line and be sure to include your name, address, and phone number. You should be contacted within 2 business days to address any questions and complete your order.

Aqua Connect - Remote Pool Management System
Hayward Aqua Connect gives you three ways to manage every essential pool, spa and backyard function with just one finger. Simply choose the Aqua Connect system that fits your individual needs. Aqua Connect Web allows you to manage your pool via the Internet from anywhere on the planet... Aqua Connect Home Network communicates with web-enabled computers or handheld devices in your home to control all pool functions.

At home or on the road, you can monitor pool and spa settings, adjust parameters and receive an automatic alert if a problem is detected. You can manage pH and sanitization to achieve the perfect water chemistry, turn up the spa heater before you head home from work, turn lights on and off, activate water falls and more, all while conserving energy. Anything you can do from your pool controller, you can now do anywhere.

This level of control also enables you to reduce operating costs by keeping chemical use to a minimum, avoiding potential problems before they become major and keeping heat low until you need it.

Aqua Connect Web
Aqua Connect Web is Hayward's premium remote pool and spa mangement service. With a subscription to our Aqua Connect website, pool owners can monitor and react to more than 100 parameters and settings from anywhere in the world. All that's required is a landline Internet connection and web-enabled WiFi connection via Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or laptop. Owners can monitor multiple residences such as vacation homes, as well as include their pool service company in the network.

Aqua Connect Home Network
Aqua Connect Home Network bridges your Hayward pool controller to your home network. It allows you to manage pool and spa functions using any desktop or laptop computer, or mobile WiFi devices such as an iPad, iPod, or Blackberry.

Aqua Connect Home Automation
Wouldn't it be great to have your pool and spa controller interface seamlessly with your home automation system so that one keypad or display panel can handle home theater equipment, security, lighting, landscape sprinklers, and other backyard functions? Aqua Connect Home Automation provides the simplified control you've been wanting. It's fully automated, blissfully simple and compatible with home automation platforms manufactured by Crestron and AMX. Available on Pro Logic.

Aqua Connect Home Network - $399 plus tax
AQL2-BASE-RF wireless base station required  |  minimum Pro Logic software required 4.20  |  some older revisions may qualify for a free software upgrade with purchase  |  subscription required for Aqua Connect Web

Send all questions and order requests to Please use "Aqua Connect" for the subject line and be sure to include your name, address, and phone number. You should be contacted within 2 business days to address any questions and complete your order.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beat the Heat with a Fog System

Klapprodt Pools has the perfect solution for this ridiculous Texas heat... a fog system by FOGCO! This system helps cool the backyard while creating an incredible fog effect. Check out this video featuring a custom backyard by Klapprodt Pools. The FOGCO fog system is installed around the perimeter of the cabana and throughout the landscaping.


Outdoor fog systems have been used in outdoor cooling applications for decades. These systems can provide cooling of outdoor temperatures by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit with virtually no noticeable increase in the relative humidity. Applications include restaurants, theme parks, hotels and resorts, arenas, tennis courts, golf facilities, fountains, waterfalls, patios, and more.

At 1000 PSI, water droplets as small as 5 microns (5 millionths of a meter) in diameter can be produced. At this level, 'flash evaporation' occurs reducing the ambient temperature. This process of 'Thermal Dynamics', is effective because water requires energy (600 calories of heat to evaporate 1 gram of water) to evaporate. This energy exchange results in reduced temperatures.

The overall effectiveness of the system will depend on existing temperature and humidity levels. With high temperatures (above 80 degrees fahrenheit) and low humidity levels (below 50%) the systems results can be dramatic. As with any evaporative cooling process, the more moisture evaporated, the greater the systems cooling capability.


Mistscaping is a unique method of adding fog effects to water features, walkways, grottos, and garden areas. Created and developed by Fogco Systems, Inc., Mistscaping allows for the subtle introduction of fog into any outdoor application.

The Mistscaping system utilizes a specially designed assembly that can be easily installed in a new construction project or a 20 year old landscape. The system utilizes our Slip Lok fitting concept and because it is not mounted to any structure, the system can be easily and quickly installed throughout a project site.

The Mistscaping riser assembly is attached directly to the feed line which is run throughout the desired area. The special memory tubing used for the risers allows the fog to be directed and controlled for maximum effect. In addition, as the landscaping matures, the fog can be re-directed as necessary.

Utilizing the Fogco 1000psi pump module and specially designed Mistscaping risers, any standard landscaping project can be transformed into a cool and soothing tropical showcase.

Call Klapprodt Pools today or stop by our showroom to discuss the possibilities of a fog system for your backyard!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sundance Spa Specials

We are currently offering some great specials on select Sundance Spas and supplies including $3,000 off all 880 series, over $1,000 in free accessories with purchase of select spas, free iPod Touch with purchase of any 880 series spa, and 25% off select filters, chemicals, and supplies. We are also offering a 12 month deferred interest plan for qualified buyers with minimum monthly payments required. Offers valid through June 7, 2010. See store for complete details.

Visit us at to learn more or stop by our retail store and showroom at 181 N. Main Street in Old Town Keller and see why Sundance Spas has been recognized internationally with more awards and honors than any other spa company.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Living Magazine, May 2010

by Shannon Denniston

Visualize yourself settling to the sounds of a leisurely wind rustling the trees with the distant chirping of birds flying overhead as you dangle your worn-out toes in the soothingly cool water of an elegant swimming pool. What a feeling of tranquility. Does this sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to! That resort-like experience could be in your very own backyard with the help of Klapprodt Pools.

Klapprodt Pools is a complete outdoor living and backyard pool company that not only takes pride in the quality of service it provides the community, but also in the relationships it builds with employees and customers alike. Voted as Keller’s Best of the Best in 2009, this family owned and operated conglomerate has created an environment like none other in the pool industry. Father and founder, Fred Klapprodt, established the business in 1987, giving his three young boys Joel, Jeremy and Josh, the opportunity to grow up learning the art of building the perfect pool.


This later translated into each one becoming an integral part of growing the business. “Our business is structured in way that allows us to make each employee feel like part of the family,” Joel explained, “and that translates into building quality relationships with customers and absolutely the best pools possible.” Whether you seek to build a new pool, service or repair an existing one, or you’ve been dreaming of an entire outdoor renovation, Klapprodt Pools can promise the retreat of a lifetime.

Imagine stepping into an outdoor oasis each time you open your back door. Klapprodt Pools is exactly what the name implies – everything pools and beyond. From hardscape to landscape, this team of experts can design and build your open-air dream in unison with your budget. We can confidently say business is booming, with sustained growth and the team announcing its best Q1 since 2006. In efforts to better connect with customers, Klapprodt Pools has rebranded itself in the marketplace with a newly enhanced logo and more informative Web site. “We want people to know that even as we modify our appearance on the outside, we are maintaining the reliable team of people internally that offer the customer satisfaction we are known for,” said Jeremy.


As the company expands, it works harder and harder to offer a benefit to the community at large and does so with a retail division called Klapprodt Pool Supplies. Josh describes this entity as “not only serving existing pool customers, but we use the retail store as a way help an entire community of swimming pool owners.” Get skilled advice and assistance in maintaining your pool and/or Sundance spa. This store is for all the do-it-yourselfers who want to keep their pools and backyards the perfect place to soak up the summer sun. Klapprodt Pools is really a complete package. The retail division is what they call a final piece of the Klapprodt Pools’ puzzle. It lets you work with professional pool experts to continue enjoying the most important part of your backyard.

The Klapprodt family and team of employees take the time to understand what customers are looking for to deliver inspiring work for people to enjoy each and every day. “I can proudly stamp our name on anything we build,” Fred declared, “There’s an apparent energy in everything and everyone we touch.”

For more information on Klapprodt Pools or to start building that backyard dream, visit or call 817-431-1847.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Klapprodt Pools is Now Hiring

Klapprodt Pools is currently seeking to fill Service Technician positions. Qualifications and a basic job description is provided below. If you know of anyone who might be a fit for our “Klapprodt Pool Family”, please refer them to us. Applications and resumes can be submitted in person at 181 N Main Street in Keller or emailed to Klapprodt Pools offers health benefits, a positive working environment, and career growth opportunities.

- Experience is not an absolute must but mechanical ability and problem solving skills are required
- Must be dedicated, hard working, punctual, and have a GOOD ATTITUDE
- Must be able and willing to use resources to problem solve, find solutions, and learn new skills

Job Description:
- Equipment Repairs and Installs
- Equipment set plumbing
- Filter service
- Pool chemistry balancing and problem solving
- Other swimming pool related services

Monday, April 26, 2010

Klapprodt Pools 5th Annual Spring BBQ

Our 5th Annual Customer Appreciation Spring BBQ is this Saturday, May 1st! We will have free food, fun, and special offers all day. Food selections will include our apple wood smoked brisket, chicken and sausage off the Primo Grill, and plenty of sides. A bounce house will be available for the kids most of the day. Store specials include 20% off any single item up to $100 in total savings (some restrictions apply). Special offers on Sundance Spas include $3,000 off select models and over $1,000 in free accessories with the purchase of select models. We will have the entire Klapprodt Pools staff available for consultation on new pool design and construction, remodels, service, and repairs. Manufacturer representatives will also be present for equipment inquiries. Be sure to stop by Klapprodt Pools this Saturday to meet our team, enjoy some food and fun, and take advantage of our special offers. Bring the whole family!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Look For Klapprodt Pools

We officially released our new logo in March 2010 and are now continuing the transformation on our fleet of trucks and signage for our building in Old Town Keller. This is the first vehicle to take on the new look, while the rest of the fleet is scheduled to start the conversion on Friday. The permit application for our signs has been submitted to the City of Keller and we hope that Klapprodt Pools will have the complete makeover finished soon!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Polaris Day 2010 at Klapprodt Pools

Our yearly Polaris Day event at Klapprodt Pools is quickly approaching. This year we are holding the event on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010. The local Polaris representative will be available at our Keller retail store from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm. Stop by and bring in your Polaris cleaner for a free inspection and diagnostic. We will make sure your cleaner is ready for the swim season. As always, there will be no labor charges on any repairs made in store. Now is also a great time to upgrade if it's time for a new cleaner. Bring in your old cleaner to take advantage of our trade-up program and receive a rebate of $150 towards a new Polaris 380 or $225 towards a new Polaris 3900. In addition, receive 10% off all new Polaris cleaners for one day only.

After 40 years in the industry, Polaris has established itself as the premium brand in automatic pool cleaners and accessories. Polaris Day 2010 is an informative and money-saving event designed to help you, the customer, so make sure to stop by Klapprodt Pools, your local Authorized Polaris Dealer, and bring in your Polaris cleaner so we can help you get ready for swim season!

Klapprodt Pools
181 N. Main Street (HWY 377 in Old Town Keller)
Keller, TX 76248


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