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Monday, January 3, 2011

Freezing Weather

Now that the cold weather is upon us, it is a good time to review some common questions and answers about swimming pools and freezing weather...

Q: There is freezing weather approaching. What do I need to do to insure there is no damage to my equipment?
A: Your equipment should be equipped with freeze protection which will turn it on in low temperatures. Moving water will not freeze, so as long as the freeze guard is working properly and all your valves are positioned so that water can get through every pipe, you should be fine.

Q: Should I turn on my heater during freezing weather?
A: It is not necessary to do so. Moving water will not freeze, so as long as your equipment is running, you should be in the clear.

Q: There is freezing weather approaching and I have an issue with my equipment. What can I do?!?!
A: Don’t panic. You can get through this. If there is an issue preventing your equipment from working properly during freezing weather, turn it off at the breaker insuring that it will not come on again. Open all of your valves (if you have valve actuators push down on them to turn manually), remove the pump pot lid, and unscrew the drain plugs in the pump (bottom of the pump pot) and heater (if applicable). Open the air relief valve on top of your filter, and then remove the drain plug from the bottom. Here is a video demonstrating this procedure: